006 - Ray Harvey

"Ray Harvey, novelist, essayist, editor, athlete, bartender, son of Firman Charles Harvey (RIP) and his wife Cecilia, youngest of thirteen half brothers and half sisters, was born and raised in the small mining town of Ouray, Colorado. He matriculated at the University of Wyoming, which he attended on a track scholarship, before dropping out. He discovered Shakespeare when he was still a teenager and Ludwig von Mises when he was twenty-one. He's the author of nine books."

I had a chance to sit down and discuss writing, learning, and his new book:
Whiskey Wisdom: The Art of Being Interesting: a bartender's guide to becoming irresistibly fascinating

This was an incredibly neat podcast as we recorded it in a loud cafe. I wasn't sure my audio setup was going to do it justice but the results were better than I expected and I was able to balance the audio in a way that lets the charm of the clinking saucers through but not interfere too much.

This is a technical example of why dynamic microphones are often used for podcasts (vs condenser mics).

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