007 - Nha Vuu + Chris Wheeler

The Apollo Road Podcast is back with another artist interview - this time with two guests Nha and Chris. They were very kind to let me tour their studio and sit down with them for a conversation.

From their gallery website:

"Chris Wheeler grew up in Philadelphia and stayed in the northeast until he graduated from St. Joseph’s university. Shortly after, he began to travel to Europe for months at a time. He spent most of his days in the art museums and galleries storing ideas and absorbing the creativity. At the age of 26 he moved to Seattle where he began painting and sculpting in a small studio.

In 1979, Nha Vuu (of Chinese ethnicity) and her family fled from their home in Vietnam to escape communist persecution. After living for two years as refugees the Vuu family was granted asylum in the United States. Nha lived in Seattle for twenty years before making a bold return to Asia to study Chinese painting and travel abroad.

During her travels to nearly twenty countries, she was able to sketch and take photographs for future projects as well as develop ideas for the whole series of paintings which are always in the works. Nha now lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband Chris and daughter Sierra."


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