015 - Lara Mann

The Apollo Road Podcast connected virtually with artist Lara Mann this past week. She's made a concerted effort to learn from all aspects of the art trade. She combines formal education with street smarts. She learned how to break the 4th wall when dealing art. She nearly tackled the street art fair game if covid hadn't wrecked those plans. But she's got an exciting future ahead of her and I can't wait to see her progress.

From her website bio: "Mann grew up in the north suburbs of the city of Chicago where she was fortunate enough to explore many variations on her artistic practice beginning early on in her life. Lara moved to Pittsburgh to attend Carnegie Mellon and earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011."


She isn't caught in a narrow range of materials and has worked in almost all major mediums. She uses scale and color in a measured way. The overall balance in each piece strikes a balance of ease and intrigue. Spend a few more moments on each one, sipping whiskey, and you can fall into the hidden nuances.

We as artists make gestures, small and large, to express our views and opinions on the world as it exists in our view. This has been true since the first humans made cave paintings to our current social media technology boom.  -Lara Mann, interview with VoyageChicago

It was a pleasure reconnecting with Lara years downstream of our initial introduction. It's never difficult for artists to catch up and begin plotting the next adventure.

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