A standard practice of professional cinematographers is to host a reel of their work on their website. These days that amounts to Vimeo links to completed projects.

If you weren't aware, I have shifted much of my creative energy from craft design to cinematography. In practice this means I am concentrating 50% of my time on learning the cinematography trade and the other 50% on hands on craft.

Over the years I've become competent at the art of iPhone cinematography. I even snuck a short piece into a film festival.

2021 marks the year I made the leap into a 'real' camera - and I've been diving headfirst into the learning curve that is modern digital cinematography.

It's been a blast. Personally I've always been drawn to editing rather than on site filming and photography (much like recent Academy Award winning director and upcoming Marvel Director Chloe Zhao).

I'm now contracting my services as both budget iPhone cinematographer and freelance cinematographer, so if you know anyone that needs short media production for personal or professional use, send them to my scheduling form here.

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