The Tempo of my Concerto

Only a poet could have written these lines: I don't know the tempo Of my heart's concertoAnd a musically talented poet at that. [Lady Gaga, A Star is Born] Look no further than cinema to grasp just how much humans want to express creativity. Modern film productions are astoundingly large,


Is it wise to rest on your laurels? Perhaps - but only for a brief nap. The Chagrin Documentary Film Festival has selected the Apollo Road / Maude Andrade short film to be included in this year's film festival. Much to my surprise and appreciation. How did this shoot-from-the-hip short film

016 - Erik Meek

Erik Meek is currently a detective at the Albuquerque Police Department. His new venture, Black Hammer Designs, deploys his creative talents and neverending pursuit of acquiring new skills. He utilizes CNC equipment, hand-work, and laser work into his furniture and product designs. In this podcast episode, Erik shares his insight

An Average Weekend

"...there are three main avenues on which one arrives at meaning in life. The first is by creating a work or by doing a deed. The second is by experiencing something or encountering someone; in other words, meaning can be found not only in work but also in love." (Viktor

015 - Lara Mann

The Apollo Road Podcast connected virtually with artist Lara Mann this past week. She's made a concerted effort to learn from all aspects of the art trade. She combines formal education with street smarts. She learned how to break the 4th wall when dealing art. She nearly tackled the street

Carbon Coffee Table

Reflecting on the coffee table I crafted with a carbon fiber trimmed top. Recently refurbished by ceramic coating the carbon top. Additional thoughts on the process of following the muse.

Welcome to Apollo Road

My current day job is assistant fabricator at my father's furniture studio, but I am building a visual arts company in my spare time. I studied Finance in college but have always preferred welding, woodworking, spray finishing, CAD modeling, and running CNC ops to a desk. So far, I have


An accompanying essay will land here in the near future. For now, enjoy the short film:

Titanium Spatula

I was more naive than most at 22 years old. Yet, naive or not, this titanium fascination was rooted in something real: my longing for the durable, the lasting, the sleek, and unbreakable. It pulled a thread which slowly but surely unraveled into my work and my career as an industrial designer.