Carving a Legacy

You can trace the svelte lines of the Mezzaluna chair back to a summer backpacking through Europe in 1988.

Damian took his backpack and fresh eyes to Europe at the formative age of 23. While food, culture, and adventure were primary goals, what became a lasting influence was Damian's exposure to modern furniture.

Damian Velasquez's aesthetic and career trajectory were forever shifted after encountering the Florence furniture scene. After returning home with countless visions of design, he built a modern furniture line and a reputation for quality, form, and function.

To this day, Damian fabricates his original designs in his studio. However, he has fought tooth and nail to preserve the furniture line by adapting to ever-changing supply constraints in Albuquerque, NM.

Damian and his son Alex have preserved the heritage of the original modern furniture line and continue to adapt it to the modern era.

Video production and cinematography were completed by Damian's son in between rounds of sanding and running CNC operations.

They believe a visual record of their design legacy will inspire others to keep reaching higher and continue learning. Adapt or die.

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