Walnut Trivet Paddle Board

Behold the flagship paddle board from Apollo Road. Designed in-house to provide utility and beauty in one package. A perfect companion for casual snacking, tapas parties, wine tastings, and pizza parties. It's a

Carving a Legacy

You can trace the svelte lines of the Mezzaluna chair back to a summer backpacking through Europe in 1988. Damian took his backpack and fresh eyes to Europe at the formative age of


Just this week I designed a new titanium item. It weighs about 2 grams. That's roughly the weight of 16 medium-dark roasted coffee beans []. What on earth could

Carbon Coffee Table

Reflecting on the coffee table I crafted with a carbon fiber trimmed top. Recently refurbished by ceramic coating the carbon top. Additional thoughts on the process of following the muse.