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017 - Mia Van Veen

She came to the studio looking for a shop that could help produce a portion of the welding and metal fabrication work needed for her upcoming exhibit in Norway. It was deep into 2020 when the pandemic was at a particularly uncertain trajectory. Listen to this episode to learn how

016 - Erik Meek

Erik Meek is currently a detective at the Albuquerque Police Department. His new venture, Black Hammer Designs, deploys his creative talents and neverending pursuit of acquiring new skills. He utilizes CNC equipment, hand-work, and laser work into his furniture and product designs. In this podcast episode, Erik shares his insight

015 - Lara Mann

The Apollo Road Podcast connected virtually with artist Lara Mann this past week. She's made a concerted effort to learn from all aspects of the art trade. She combines formal education with street smarts. She learned how to break the 4th wall when dealing art. She nearly tackled the street

014 - David Kimbell

David Kimbell brews awesome beer. His talent is currently on full display at Sidetrack Brewing Company in Albuquerque NM. Cheers!

013 - Kyle Kmetz

Stewardship is not easy to maintain day in and day out. Kyle Kmetz and his family exemplify friendly small business owners. Kyle is one of the most welcoming and genuine small business owners I know. He kindly gave me a few hours of his time to record this podcast in

012 - Kim Nieve

Kim Nieve Larrichio is an actress who currently resides in Albuquerque, NM. Roles include: Silvio's Wife [Sicario], AMC's In Plain Sight and ABC's, Killer Women. Kim has also shined in theatre and Lead role in "Living out Loud" and Luis Alfaro's play, Electricidad. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2484906/ Watch

011 - Lara Manzanares

Lara Manzanares is a multi-disciplined artist, creator, and exceptional musician. I had a great time sitting down with her (remotely) for this conversation. She has an impressive career under her belt. She possesses the rare blend of hard earned musical prowess, a thick skin, and a truly compassionate heart. I

010 - Maude Andrade Short Film

Maude is an Albuquerque mixed media painter who presents her work honestly and intelligently. I spent many hours filming Maude in her studio to offer a glimpse into her studio process. If there were ever a time to look to art for hope, inspiration, reflection, and honest work - now

009 - Evan Davenport

New Mexico based silver medal winning #Luthier Evan Davenport and all around talented craftsman stopped by to talk shop. Check out Evan's Instagram page Video podcast is up, link on Apolloroad.com and the YouTube Channel