019 - Maddy Witt (Part 2)

Maddy Witt is back for part 2! We discuss social media and her experience gaining traction and going viral on both Instagram and TikTok. Maddy Witt is a watercolor artist working and practicing

019 Maddy Witt (Part 1)

Maddy Witt is a watercolor artist working and practicing in Tulsa, Ok. Her work involves on-location drawing and painting, which she turns into more significant panoramic works. She recently had a show at

018 - Alan Mertens

Alan taught me the fundamentals of CAD design and 3D modeling. Listen to hear how he went from aerospace engineering to motor racing and beyond.

017 - Mia Van Veen

She came to the studio looking for a shop that could help produce a portion of the welding and metal fabrication work needed for her upcoming exhibit in Norway. It was deep into

016 - Erik Meek

Erik Meek is currently a detective at the Albuquerque Police Department. His new venture, Black Hammer Designs, deploys his creative talents and neverending pursuit of acquiring new skills. He utilizes CNC equipment, hand-work,