012 - Kim Nieve

Kim Nieve Larrichio is an actress who currently resides in Albuquerque, NM. Roles include: Silvio's Wife [Sicario], AMC's In Plain Sight and ABC's, Killer Women. Kim has also shined in theatre and Lead

011 - Lara Manzanares

Lara Manzanares is a multi-disciplined artist, creator, and exceptional musician. I had a great time sitting down with her (remotely) for this conversation. She has an impressive career under her belt. She possesses

010 - Maude Andrade Short Film

Maude is an Albuquerque mixed media painter who presents her work honestly and intelligently. I spent many hours filming Maude in her studio to offer a glimpse into her studio process. If there

009 - Evan Davenport

New Mexico based silver medal winning #Luthier [https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/luthier/] Evan Davenport and all around talented craftsman stopped by to talk shop. Check out Evan's Instagram page [https://www.

008 - Maude Andrade II

Maude is back for another podcast. I've recently been working with her to produce a short studio tour video that features some of her philosophy and technique. Find Maude's work at: https://maude-andrade.