Walnut Trivet Paddle Board

Walnut Trivet Paddle Board
The walnut trivet paddle board, an original Apollo Road design

Behold the flagship paddle board from Apollo Road. Designed in-house to provide utility and beauty in one package.

A perfect companion for casual snacking, tapas parties, wine tastings, and pizza parties. It's a paddle that cools fresh, crackling bread straight from the oven. And you can flip it over to the flat side for cutting duty - then flip it back when the party starts.

You value kitchen tools that pull double duty as functional art. Put one in your kitchen or bar and make some memories.


  • Trivet pattern cools fresh bread and catches crumbs
  • Large Size: 14.5"w x 19.5"h x 0.75" thick
  • Crafted from solid walnut
  • Made to order (lead time three weeks)
  • Includes wood care kit


Fort Collins